Focus DIY Administration

Focus DIY is a privately owned chain of DIY stores in the UK. It serves the light DIY market sector, and most stores have some form of garden centre. As part of a major business move, the first quarter of 2009 saw most stores re-fitted with Pet Supplies, Household goods (cleaning materials etc) and housewares. Its main competitors are B&Q and Homebase. It is the third largest DIY retailer in the UK and in 2005/2006 saw profits of £42.7m against sales of just over £700m. The company had 179 stores in the UK as of September 2010.

Focus DIY Administration
 On 4 May 2011 the Focus Group announced that it intends to go into administration, the following group companies are to go into administration; Focus (DIY) Limited, Focus (Investments) Limited, Payless DIY Limited, Payless Properties Limited, Do It All Limited and Do It All (Holdings) Limited. Strangely the group's parent company FLP2 Limited has not gone into administration.

The company entered administration on 5 May 2011 with Ernst & Young appointed as administrators.

The company had its origins in the early 1980s when Mike Williams launched Focus Homecentres for AAH Holdings plc. In 1987 Focus Homecentres was acquired by Choice Group Limited. The new company's shareholders included Mike Williams, Bill Archer and Greg Stanley (who had previously built up and sold the DIY chain Fads) Focus increased its market share with a mix of both acquisitions and organic growth including the purchase of the Do It All DIY chain from Boots in 1998. Both chains were rebranded as "Focus Do It All". In 1999 following the takeover of Wickes, a DIY chain focused on building supplies, the group became known as Focus Wickes, although the two distinct retail formats and identities were retained.

Focus later purchased the Great Mills chain from RMC Group in 2000. These stores were re-branded as Focus, except for some that became Wickes. A later move eventually saw all non-Wickes stores rebranded as Focus ("Focus for DIY and Gardening"), although the official company name is Focus (DIY) Limited. Following these acquisitions Focus became the number two DIY retailer in the UK with over 400 stores split between the Focus and Wickes chains.

During the early part of the 21st century, some former Great Mills and Do It All stores were refitted and in 2005, the Wickes business and stores were sold to Travis Perkins.
In February 2011, Asda annouced the purchase of 6 stores from Focus DIY, which will be converted into supermarkets subject to approvals and local planning consents.

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