Dead Nation Playstation 3

Dead Nation is a shoot 'em up video game for PlayStation 3 built-up by Housemarque. It was announce on November 30, 2010 in North America, and December 1 in Europe, on PlayStation Network.

Dead Nation capture location in a fictional world cause problems by a zombie apocalypse. The executor can play as a male or female character and fight something else types of zombies.

Dead Nation has been announce as one of the free games being given by Sony as part of their 'Welcome Back' package because of the PlayStation intrusion, which left users offline for over 3 weeks.

Players awarded score multipliers and money when zombies killed. Money used to buy and upgrade weapons and multipliers grant better scores. Each time players strike they lose multipliers and health. Players battle their way through ten levels, using weapon shops that allow weapon upgrading and armor swapping. During the levels, players can discover chests that hold ammunition, multipliers, money, or armor pieces. At times, the players trapped in areas where they must survive until they have complete a certain goal. Armor sets have an effect on strength, endurance and agility.

Flares, car alarms and vending machines invite zombies. Zombies can be slaughter by environmental hazards, which the player can use to their benefit. Players will come across a variety of zombies. Players can manipulate a melee and rush attack against zombies, as well as a range of weaponry.

The metagame allow players to go along with their country's progress in relation to other countries, as well as local leader boards. Using the PlayStation Network, players grouped with other players from their country. When a country rid of zombies, a new infection cycle begins. Multiplayer can be done locally or online for two players.


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