Courtney Love Seeking "Rich Boyfriend" Lately

Rocker Courtney Love said that he was looking for a rich boyfriend - because he will be 'asset' to a rich person. Love, who was married to Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain, just wanted to date a man who has money today.

46 years old, who lately has been associated with Henry Allsopp, said, "Today I'm only interested in the plutocrats. Like rich people. I am determined to land one eventually. The problem is I think I can be tangible assets for the rich. "

Courtney love

Courtney, who has been addicted to crack cocaine and heroin in the past, continues to talk about his struggle with substance abuse.

Asked what she likes most about being drunk, Love added to the Web site 'Keeping things alive with small romances and sexuality and make sure things really beautiful around you.

"No matter what your income level, it is essential luxury and luxury is time, time that you give it to yourself to take care of yourself. It is the things that is really fun

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