16 Google Doodle Celebrates 76th Birthday of Roger Hargreaves

Google Doodle again celebrates the important people in the world. Now the search engine giant is celebrating the 76th anniversary of Roger Hargreaves, a British writer and illustrator of success with his book Mr. Men.

Launched by the Guardian, Monday (05/09/2011), Roger Hargreaves birthday has been celebrate with a picture of not less than 16 different Google Doodle. Starting from Mr. Forgetful to Little Miss Tiny, doodle-drawing changes will occur every time the page refreshed.

More than 100 million books based on characters Hargreaves has sold worldwide in 28 countries, while his son Adam completed five more.

Hargreaves creation story has been adapted into four animated television series, last aired in Britain on Channel 5 in 2008 and 2009. 46 characters Mr Men and 33 Little Miss invented.

The first of the Mr. Men characters said have been create when Adam Hargreaves asked his father what a tickle looked like.

Hargreaves drawing the figure with a round orange body and long, arm rubber, not long after Mr. Tickle was born.

Adam, who said that the simplicity of character is the key to their success, took over running the cartoon kingdom of his father after his father died of a stroke in 1988 at the age of 53 years.

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