Tomato Juice for Healthy Life

Tomato juice is one of the popular juices. Homemade tomato juice is very rich in nutrients and can provide health benefits.

First, raw tomato juice is the source lypocene known as an anti-oxidant preventing cancer. In addition, lypocene also good for blood circulation, including lowering high blood pressure.

Second, raw tomato juice contains potassium, a mineral that the human body needs. Potassium deficiency can cause fatigue.

Third, tomato juice beneficial for health because it is rich with vitamin C, which can boost immunity.

Tomato juice may also increase appetite and improve digestion. Drinking tomato juice mixed with spinach to eliminate constipation / hard stool.

Raw tomato juice had no bad side effects, so it is safe to drink in large quantities.

As a variation, tomato juice can be mix with fruit / vegetables like carrots, apple, lemon, or cucumber

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