Glenn Beck | 157 Million Muslims in the World are a Terrorist

Glenn Beck a host of famous U.S. television and radio on Monday (6 / 12) stated that 10% of all Muslims in the world are terrorists. If Beck believes that, then there will be 157 million Muslims who accused terrorists around the world. That figure is roughly half the population of the United States.

Estimated 10% Glenn Beck came on a radio show, where Beck complained that the media did not exactly cover the acts of violence caused by 'terrorists' Islamic and radical groups in the United States. Glenn Beck claimed that at least 0.5% of the American public made up of radical violence. If true, it means there are 1.5 million violent radicals in the United States.

However, Glenn Beck does not use statistics or logic to explain the data with certain figures in this case. If Beck insisted that he believes what to say, then Beck has accused 157 000 million Muslims in this world is a "terrorist" and apparently there will be many more terrorist acts in the world.

In the end, like many of the claims Glenn Beck, there is no way to prove it. First, because there is no official definition of what and who is a terrorist. If Beck claiming terrorists are those who sympathize with some al-Qaeda's point of view, he might have a better point. However, if Glenn Beck claimed terrorist is someone who is actually willing to perform acts of terror then he may be wrong. Second, there is no official number of terrorist in the world since the terrorist who work in secret

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