Easter Bunny - Easter Egg

In many countries, Easter is symbolized by the Easter Bunny or Easter Hare. In the legend, the Easter bunny -who sometimes is depicted with clothes- brings baskets filled with colored eggs, candy and sometimes also toys to the homes of children before their the holiday. Easter eggs are the most common and most popular goodies that signifies the easter holidays. Various activites are done during this season to fully experience Springtime.

 When the spring season heads its way towards us, the first thought that strikes our mind is undoubtedly Easter festivity. And when the talk is about Easter, it is definitely incomplete without the mention of Easter bunny and Easter eggs. Most of us are ignorant about the origin of Easter bunny. Easter bunny is a symbol associated with fertility and the reason behind is that, it has a very quick speed of reproduction.

There are many legends associated with the history of Easter bunny. Some legends suggest that this grand festival Easter got its name from the Anglo- Saxon goddess called Eostre, who was always seen along with her pet bunny rabbit. It's astonishing to know that, it was this very bunny of Goddess that had laid the first colored eggs. Easter bunny has become famous for starting the tradition of Easter egg hiding. Thus, the kids' favorite game of Easter egg hunt can be attributed to Easter bunnies.

Today, Easter bunny occupies the most dominant position amongst all symbols of Easter. In the contemporary times, Easter bunnies are found sailing smoothly virtually everywhere. The gift galleries are stocked with cute bunny rabbit stuff toys. Not only are they adorning homes, but have become the source of flourishing business for confectionary shops too. Chocolate bunny rabbit cookies and cakes sell like real hot cakes during the Easter spring season. This symbol of Pagan times, Easter bunny, symbolizes new life.

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