Celebrates Charlie Chaplin's 122nd Birthday

Are you still remembering with comedian in the era of silent movies Charlie Chaplin? Google celebrates Charlie Chaplin’s 122nd birthday of the popular movie star via Google Doodle. Like what?

Google Doodle was colored black and white with a figure of close-ups of his face full name of Charles Spencer Chaplin. Interestingly, in the form of video Doodle Charlie Chaplin who was sitting with a dab of paint on the chair and fought with the British police. The video shows the unique and distinctive style of Charlie Chaplin silent.

charlie chaplin

In The video also shows the Google a woman painted ornament behind Charlie Chaplin’s body. Charlie Chaplin's uniqueness also comes through popular music in the 90s.

Charlie Chaplin was born on April 16, 1889 and died December 25, 1977. Although his birthday tomorrow, when accessed Google.com already displays special Google Doodle. Chaplin using the expression, slapstick and visual comedy as another way of describing comedy than sounds.

Popular movies of Charlie Chaplin including 'The Tramp' and 'Kid Auto Races at Venice' in 1914.

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