After Reportedly Dead, Jackie Chan Life Again

Since Wednesday and Thursday, the social networking sites like Twitter to write messages saying RIP Jackie Chan (Jackie Chan passed away). Then there was a rumor on the internet too if this Hong Kong action actor died of a heart attack.

"In the past I would be angry if someone wrote like that," said Jackie Chan is suddenly alive again, recently. "But now I've not care anymore. Because of these rumors, my phone kept ringing from friends, and some have cried. "

Jackie Chan has joined with senior actor Bill Cosby and Justin Bieber, teenager idol who was once the victim was reported dead.

Jackie Chan has been busy with projects together with the celebrities of Hong Kong to hold a concert Love Without Borders that the results will be donated disaster victims in Japan which occurred March 11 last.

The concert itself will take place Friday (1 / 4) is in Victoria Park. Personally Jackie Chan has donated one million dollars in Hong Kong.

"The purpose of this concert to unite the region, with messages we want the Japanese people feel if they were not alone," he said

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