Tomahawk Missile | High Cost War to Attack Libya

Tomahawk Block IV Cruise Missile
One of the weapons used by the United States and its allies to attack Libya is Tomahawk cruise missile. This missile able to find target accurately.

Before the launch, Tomahawk missile programmed in accordance with route and target coordinates predetermined. Tomahawk can be launched from warships, submarines and fighter aircraft.

Launching tomahawk missile predetermined route, can be done or not directly to the central target. This is to disguise the purpose of the movement of these missiles.

Tomahawk cruise missile capable to find targets accurately by flying low to avoid radar with 2500 kilometers cruising range.

In addition. Tomahawk missile also features a  altimeter radar to avoid impact before hit main target. Tomahawk also assisted with 24 satellites that emit radio signals, to find the target.

Tomahawk cruise missiles Prices about US$ 1 million per unit.

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