Several Tips to Stay Safe When Tornado strikes


When a tornado comes what should you do? This are several tips for you in order to save yourself when a tornado strikes.(Learn more about tornado disaster here)

1. refuge in the basement or underground room with the entire family when a tornado hit your house.
2. take first aid kits, radios, batteries, flashlights and food into the basement for supplies during a tornado strikes.
3. Listen to news about a tornado using your radio. early warning of impending tornadoes make you alert and immediately prepare the equipment needed to take shelter.
4. Take cover under a table. Find a place far from the window. Protect the head and neck with his hands, while the other hand holding the table.
5. Avoid using electric and gas until you know the situation is completely secure.


1. Take cover in sturdy buildings. when you are inside, take cover under sturdy furniture and stay away from windows.
2. when you are driving, stop your car, get out and find the safety place like sturdy building.
3.Stay away from fallen power lines and broken gas lines.
4. When you come into open field, find the lowest place, lie down and protect your head and your neck

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