NATO | Discussion Libya Future

A number of world leaders gathered in London, England, Tuesday (29 / 3) afternoon. The meeting was held to discuss the allied military operation that has been handed the United States (U.S.) to NATO.

The meeting was attended by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, Minister of Foreign Affairs (Foreign Minister), Hillary Clinton, Representative of the Arab League, and 40 other foreign minister. The meeting will also discuss the future of Libya, if Gadhafi managed to cut through these NATO military operations.

Along with the meeting, NATO also re-deploy its combat aircraft from the United States military base in Aviano, Italy. Two types of fighter aircraft owned by U.S. F-16 and A-10 owned by France mobilized towards Libya.

The NATO planes  will operate to attack again Pro-Gaddafi troops that still in Misrata and the Sirte region, which previously reported controlled by rebel.

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