IE9 | Newest Microsoft Browser

Microsoft optimistic with their newest browser IE9 can compete with its rivals. On the first day of launch, the software has been greeted enthusiastically from internet users by downloaded 2.35 million times in 24 hours.(Visit this page for free download windows 7 professional)

"We want to thank all the people around the world to download IE9 and enthusiastic," said Ryan Gavin, Senior Director of Microsoft's Internet Explorer IE's official blog.

Compared to other browsers, IE9 achievement is high though not the highest. Another browser and also their  competitor Firefox downloaded 8 million times when released 3.0 version  in 2009 and 1 million times when released 3.5 version .

IE9 present a new browser with a cleaner look not too many displays on-screen menu and a highlight web content. Microsoft also claimed is the most secure browser, tighter than the version being before, and fully support HTML5.( See here IE9 for Xp)

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