HTC Thunderbolt | First US Smartphone With Verizon 4G LTE Networkk

Verizon 4G HTC Thunderbolt
First phone in the US with connection to Verizon’s lightning fast 4G LTE network, HTC Tunderbolt, launch at price $250 ( 2 year contract) dedicated for users who routinely using high bandwith application such as online gaming, video chat, and high def video streaming.(Complete Review visit this page)

Twelve megabits per second of download speed on a well-appointed HTC smartphone might be mobile nirvana for many data-hungry Verizon customers.

A DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) certified device, the HTC Thunderbolt can stream photos, music, and video to and from DLNA-supporting devices on your home wireless network. For instance, you can stream video to your DLNA-certified TV for playback. The music player can also stream from any media servers you have on your network.

If you aren’t at home and like to listen to your music on the go (like most of us do), you’ll be quite happy to learn that the Thunderbolt ships with a 32GB MicroSD card onboard so you can carry several thousand songs or movies with you.

The Thunderbolt looks, feels, and handles like a solid piece of hardware. While the specs are not anything we have not seen in X-Droid Droid, or 2, Thunderbolt ability to exploit an unprecedented speed of Verizon's LTE network makes it a special phone indeed. For users who want to run high-bandwidth applications on the go - such as streaming high-def video or play games online - there are no phones more quickly in the market today.

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