Can-Am Spyder Roadster | Hybrid Technology

2011 Can-Am Spyder Hybrid Roadster Prototypes
“The next dimension in open-road riding, the Can-Am Spyder roadster is a paradigm-shift with its unique Y-architecture. This three-wheeled vehicle, with two wheels in the front and one in the rear, offers a completely new and stunning look. Launched in 2007, it can best be described as part motorcycle and part convertible sports car,” the company says.

A plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, the Can-Am hybrid Spyder roadster will be equipped with an electric motor, lithium-ion battery and the Rotax Advanced Combustion Efficiency (ACE) engine. This engine is currently used in BRP's 2011 Ski-Doo snowmobiles. With 29 miles/gallon, it is the most fuel-efficient engine in the snowmobile industry.

2011 Can-Am Spyder Hybrid Roadster Prototypes

BRP aims for the Can-Am Spyder hybrid roadster to be 50% more fuel-efficient than the current Can-Am Spyder roadster with comparable acceleration and a total range of 375 miles. It will also cut CO2 emissions by half.

Over the next four years the CTA will produce three generations of Can-Am Spyder hybrid prototypes and their components. The final product must pass the test in terms of performance, reliability, durability, and economic mass production. Any technological innovations will be potentially transferable to other types of vehicles and products.(Buy Black Body Kit Can-Am Spyder here)

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