The Altinn | Norwegian authorities’ joint solution

The Altinn portal is the Norwegian authorities’ joint solution for reporting and dialogue with business and industry. Altinn has not only made Norwegian business and industry more efficient, but also made an important contribution to the modernisation of the public sector. The development in Altinn services,
technical solutions and collaborating agencies has been impressive since Altinn started up seven years ago.

Altinn has completely changed the way in which enterprises accomplish their reporting to the public authorities. Four out of five enterprises now submit their forms electronically via Altinn. Ninety per cent of the most common business forms are completed electronically, even when well-known paperbased alternatives are available.

The next step is to secure better collaboration across agency and enterprise boundaries by exploiting the technological possibilities for efficiency and improvement of work processes and for exchange of information.

In its work with Altinn, Norway’s public administration has broken new ground in a manner that has attracted international attention. I am very pleased to be able to present the various aspects of our activities and the services that we offer to the public sector in Norway.

Altinn started in 2003, as a collaboration on reporting between three government agencies. Five years later, the Altinn collaboration spans 23 agencies and municipalities, 400,000 enterprises have switched from paper to electronic submission of public forms through Altinn, and Altinn is continually expanding to comprise new,
user-friendly services.

We are now turning our attention to look at collaboration between the various agencies, with joint reporting and feedback adapted to the enterprises’ business processes, cutting across formal organisational boundaries between government agencies and administrative levels.

Altinn is already a model for electronic administration in many other countries and an important export item for international collaboration.

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