Alexandra Wallace | Asians in the libarry have no manners

A young college coed at UCLA, Alexandra Wallace is suffering as a result of the media manufactured campaign against her. If you’ve not yet read the back gound of this story, I encourage you to do so by clicking here.

The behind-the-scenes story involving the death threats and defamation that this girl has been subjected to is so important that I invited journalist Nicholas Stix to join me as a guest on the radio show where we proceeded to dedicate a full hour of coverage to the matter on our most recent program. To listen to our commentary please visit the broadcast archives and select the program dated March 19.

During our discussion, Nicholas had the following breaking news to share:

The news evidently made New York Daily News alleged reporter Nina Mandell’s day. After quoting Wallace’s groveling apology to the UCLA community, Madell wrote,

But it was too late.

On Monday, the student newspaper reported she contacted police after she received numerous threats. And as news of the video continued to spread, the threats did as well. Her political science professor, Phil Gussin, told the Daily Bruin that he was working with her to make alternative plans to take her finals – because of the nature and volume of the threats.

“What Wallace did was hurtful and inexcusable, but the response has been far more egregious,” he told the paper. “She made a big mistake, and she knows it, but they responded with greater levels of intolerance.”

Her withdrawal from the school came a day after a school spokesperson said UCLA would not punish Wallace.”

Note to Nina Mandell and her editors: As you well know, those were death threats that Alexandra Wallace received, not merely vague “threats,” and making death threats against someone is a felony. And it wasn’t the case that “UCLA would not punish Wallace”; it could not punish her, because she had engaged in speech that is protected both by California law and the First Amendment to the U.S. constitution. Mandell’s article also contained no reference to law enforcement.

New York Times alleged reporter Ian Lovett and his editors were guilty of the same offense of writing that Wallace had received “threats,” while refusing to report that she had in fact received death threats, to report that making said threats are a felony, to cite law enforcement, and to engage in moral equivalence, as if harmlessly insulting nameless people were on a par with threatening to murder an individual.

The Daily News editors have so far permitted only six reader comments on the article, and they are 4-2 pro-terror. That’s better than what I’ve seen so far on the ‘Net, where permitted commenters are closer to 1000-to-1 against her.

There you have it, folks. She’s officially been run out of school over a video that offered a very mild and light-hearted ribbing of Asian behavior. You’ve really got to go to the broadcast archives and listen to our take to get the full perspective. Nicholas does, however, bring it into sharp focus here:

Is making a dopey but harmless video about obnoxious Asian students’ habit of carrying on loud cell phone conversations in the college library a death penalty offense? It is if the prosecutors are the legions of the “tolerant,” and the offender is a comely white coed who resembles and sounds like a young Heather Locklear.


Alexandra Wallace, the white UCLA coed, to whose harmless video complaining about Asian students’ obnoxious habit of talking loudly on their cell phones in the school library some (presumably Asian) people responded with death threats, her own school administration responded with condemnation, and the national media responded with a “two-minute hate.” Meanwhile, the armies of defenders of the First Amendment rights of flag burners, mosque builders, Moslem terrorists, and genocidal black supremacists all suddenly forgot about Miss Wallace’s First Amendment rights.

In promoting his interview on The Political Cesspool, Nicholas ended with this:

I will put the Alexandra Wallace case in the context of MSM and college administrations which promote every race hoax to come down the pike, while suppressing knowledge of the constant black-on-white violence plaguing campuses and non-campus life alike, and the refusal of the same national media which manufacture “racist” white scandals to report on racist atrocities such as the Knoxville Horror and the Pearcy Massacre.

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