4 Tips to Find Extended Stay Hotels

All  hotel management would be thrilled if you stay longer at their hotel. Why? Because their profits will  increase. But not all hotels offer extended stay services, only some hotels just have comforts and offers a rational cost stay if you are looking for extended stay hotels. Not good for you if you stay a few months and pay a weekly discount. You Should get a lower rate. However, most hotels are usually made preparations for the guests who stayed 1 to 7 days.(See about Hotel Secrets here)

The question now is how to find extended stay hotels? I assume you are a traveler or worker or temporary residents who need a place to stay for several months and does not require additional facilities (tour trip, airport shuttle bus, swimming pool, etc) as well as you require major facilities such as comfortable rooms, workplaces (phone , internet, etc) and kitchen. Well, now I will tell you how to find a suitable hotel. Usually searchers extended stay hotels take their time to choose and decide on which hotel they will stay longer.

First, look for hotels that have functions such as apartment or temporary shelter for families. You can ask the relevant departments such as the tourist department officer. Use keywords such as hotels workers, temporary shelter for families, apartments and guest houses. You can also find an extended stay hotels via the internet, there are several sites that provide information about the hotel like this.

Second, check the room rate, see the facilities on offer and see all the rooms. You need to take the time to do it, and it will be invaluable to you when you find it. Make sure that the hotel service is able to support your daily activities.

Third, find the location of  nearest restaurant, theater, yards and supermarkets to supply your daily needs. Knowing the nearest health facility and the quickest way to visit a doctor is very important. By visiting directly provider of extended stay hotels, you can directly bid price you must pay based on what you see and what would you accept it because you already know the real condition of the hotel.

Fourth, get to know your neighbors. know your neighbors will make you (and your family) feel comfortable and secure in a new place. Highly recommended if you are familiar with the hotel manager personally, because you will get help as soon as you need. Buying local newspaper will also help you feel comfortable new place. But if you're still not comfortable, take a moment to decide slowly.

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