Tips for Preventing Diaper Rash in Infants

For many parents and caregivers, the diaper could be considered as a miracle product in the sense it reduced the workload and stress in looking after an infant. This will in turn will allow them to engage more in the child’s development activities as well as to enjoy the time spent with the child. Similarly, it provides certain comforts to the child as well. These would include the avoidance of sometimes disturbing cloth changes as well as disturbance to a prolonged sleep.

But, in the same way it has its advantages, use of diapers do have their own risks towards the health of the child as well. Out of which, diaper rashes are common occurrences seen in pediatric care and in most instances, would be considered as a minor complication and few adjustments would relieve further complications.

Where, when and how does diaper rash occur?

Usually, the diaper rash would be confined to the area covered by the diaper and in areas where the diaper comes in to contact with the babies skin. Initially the rash would appear as redness and would not cause the infant any disturbance. But, if the irritation continues, the area can become swelled and itchy. In these instances, the babies can demonstrate signs of irritation by an excessive cry or frequent touching of the area. The symptoms would readily be seen when the rash progresses in to a blister formation and in certain instances towards oozing.

At times a mild diaper rash can progress in to a severe infection which would need antibiotic treatment. Thus, it’s evident that such rashes should be prevented or else cured in its first sight. Let us now see some of the measures that can be taken in order to prevent a diaper rash.

Tips on preventing diaper rash:

Frequent change of the diapers

Changing the diaper when it is wet or soiled would be the ideal way in preventing a diaper rash. Thus, at times, you may have to change a diaper every few hours or each time it becomes wet.

Letting time to dry

It’s mandatory that the area covered by a diaper be absolutely dry when the infant is been dressed in a new diaper. Thus, use of a cotton cloth or else allowing some time to aerate by keeping the diaper area exposed should be practiced in between putting a new diaper.

Cooling the diaper area from time to time

Similar to keeping moisture out, cooling will prevent setting up of a diaper rash as well as secondary infection through bacterial organisms. Thus, cool and dry atmosphere should prevail with in the area covered by a diaper.

Application of moisture resistant ointments

Petroleum gel and zinc oxide will prevent the moisture from being collected within the confines of a diaper and thus will prevent the occurrence of a diaper rash.

Avoid diapers with plastic edges as well as wet wipes containing alcohol constituents

Keep the bottom of the infant clean after each diaper change and avoid making the babies skin irritated at times of drying the baby.

If these measures are practiced, it would be possible to avoid the occurrence of such rashes as well as certain other complications that can occur as a direct result of wearing diapers.

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