Voice Dialing, New Weapon of BlackBerry Messenger

Although in the global market share BlackBerry Messenger has been shrunk down to 4.3 percent, according to data from IDC's third quarter, the BlackBerry still has a lot of users and the BlackBerry Messenger users has reached over 60 million, most of them from Indonesia.

BlackBerry Messenger 7 Voice Dialing Based on VOIP

Well, related to this, RIM will carry updates in instant messaging applications, namely in the form of voice dialing feature on the BlackBerry Messenger 7 that will be released soon.

With this feature, users can make voice calls directly from the BlackBerry Messenger 7. "Well, to find out if the contact was go online and available to chat or not, you can see the green light indicator here," said Vice President of BBM and Social Communities Research in Motion, TA McCann, in a panel session BlackBerry Jam Asia 2012, Bangkok, Thailand, Thursday (29/11/2012).

According to him, there are three key elements of the main advantages of the BlackBerry Messenger 7. First is the "Connections" which means instant messaging application makes users more easily connect with friends through automatic identification feature anyone who can be reached via BBM contact list.

Second is the "engagement" with the richer contacts through the addition of new features such as 16 new emoticons.

Finally, developers can take advantage of BlackBerry Messenger like participated utilize the API to add a chat feature on the application or service utilizing instant messaging to disseminate product. Users can take advantage of voice dialing based on VOIP feature to make calls for free, including overseas.

"That's the main advantages that we offer. Plus, everything is integrated in BlackBerry 10. So you can chat and talk on the phone like easily and for free from anywhere," said McCann, adding that half BBM users have international contacts will be helped with this new feature BBM 7.

"This is the first version of BlackBerry Messenger was recommended to the user. Soon was release before the holidays, you are highly recommended to tries BlackBerry Messenger 7," said McCann.

The bad news, McCann said that BlackBerry Messenger 7 is only compatible with BlackBerry OS 6 and above. "However, later we plan to provide this application for OS 5 devices, too."

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