The Bachelorette: Emily finally chose Jef

This reality, ironically, made for pretty good reality television. Be honest. Yes, Emily chose the soulful, playful Jef over Arie Luyendyk, Jr., the race-car driver who got her motor running. Let's recap:

First up is Jef, who arrives with flowers for mama Suzy. Suzy melts.
Then comes a meeting with Em's "very protective" bother, Ernie.

The Bachelorette : Emily Finally Chose Jef

Jef explains that he's an old-fashioned guy and wants Dad's approval, which -- surprise! Awww. It really touches Suzy, who thought Arie might be a "little arrogant." Arie tells Suzy that he has "crazy love" for Em. Pops, too, is concerned. Is Arie ready to be a father? Then Dad gives Arie his blessing. The family is absolutely no help. Both guys are great. Suzy suggests that, maybe Em should put off an engagement -- especially since she hasn't even introduced the guys to little Ricki yet.

Em meets Jef on the beach. Jef, in contrast, is completely sure that he's found his future wife. Ricki's nervous too because she's giggling a lot. But Jef puts everyone at ease within minutes, jumping into the pool and playing with Em's daughter.

It feels "fun and natural," Jef says.
That night over dinner, Jef and Emily recap their relationship and reflect on how it started slowly before gaining traction in London. Not wild, passionate smooches, mind you. More like little pecks. Hmmmm.

Jef has sealed the deal. But what about Arie? Chris' advice? Poor Arie. Arie meets Emily and presents her with the potion. Voice trembling. "I'm shocked," Arie says. Meanwhile, Jef is out shopping for a big, shiny rock. The two love birds meet on a porch festooned with flowers. "You're my soulmate," says Emily, who tells Jef that he was the only one to meet Ricky and that she canceled her date with Aria.

Jef takes her hands in his and talks about the timing being right.

Cue the cheesy Peter Cetera song ("Glory of Love") and bring on the "After the Final Rose" show, with its "shocking secrets."

It’s finally time for Bachelorette Emily’s final rose in what ABC calls the most dramatic television event of the summer. It turns out Emily is still unsure whether or not the guys should meet her daughter. First up meeting her family is Jef. Emily objects, but I’m not convinced. Jef tells Emily’s mom that he’s set on marrying her and set on being a great dad. Mom tells him that he has all the things Emily is looking for.

Ernie, Emily’s brother is definitely a bit intimidating. He could squish Jef with a single finger.

It makes sense that it’s been hard for Emily to settle down.

Jef then talks to Emily’s dad where he goes right into asking for his approval to propose to Emily. Arie looks quite dashing in a blue shirt as he arrives to Emily’s family mansion.

Arie’s nervous babbling is sort of awkward. Emily’s brother seems more laid back with Arie. Probably because Arie has normal dude hair. Arie asks for her dad’s blessing as well and dad hesitates before giving his approval.
Leaving, Arie says he’s pretty sure he’s the one who is going to get engaged to Emily in the end.

Now Emily is confused about how she feels, just like her family.
Why does Emily gets picked up in heavy duty SUVs all the time yet the guys are left wandering down her huge driveway alone? Family matters
Emily’s whole family is torn over which guy they prefer.

“I believe you can love two people in different ways,” Emily says. It makes me wonder if any guy here is for me,” Emily says. Last date, last tropical island
Emily takes the guys and Ricki to Curacao to have their final dates. She’s still not sure if they should meet Ricki.

Jef gets the first last date. Awkward silence.
Emily breaks the silence and says that since she’s so confident in Jef that she wants him to meet Ricki that day.

I wonder if Arie will get the same treatment? It seems like Jef talked her into it. I doubt Arie would be so persistent. Arie would rather just make out.

Jef meets Ricki back at the chateau they’ve been staying in. Ricki shows Jef all her pool tricks. Jef gets in the pool with her and Ricki seems to be having a blast.
He seems a bit nervous and a bit out of his element. “What I feel for Jef is different than anything I’ve felt in a long time,” Emily concludes.
It’s a bit boring.

Emily tells him that Ricki asked if he could come back tomorrow.

“I’ve never been in love like this,” says Jef.

Emily definitely looks a bit sad throughout the date. Host Chris is called in to talk to Emily before her last date with Arie. Emily looks so sad. Emily starts sobbing. Emily keeps sobbing.

Arie says he’s shocked. Arie swears about how he felt so stupid and deceived.
A perfect engagement?

Emily seems a lot different now that she cut Arie off. “If Jef proposes I’m not sure if I’ll really be able to do it,” she says.

Jef walks up and looks calm as he gives Emily a huge hug.

1. What's Up With the Random Studio Audience?
From the opening moments of the finale, we find Our Host Chris Harrison looking extremely debonaire in a black suit and pewter tie. It was confusing at first, but after Emily confides in Our Host that she doesn't need nor want a second meeting with Arie, we realize that Harrison is going to have to do some pretty fancy tap dancing to fill the gap left by an entire date, Neil Lane engagement ring session, video montage featuring a trip down memory lane and an almost proposal/rejection with Arie. Most of us would decide to cut the show down to one hour instead of featuring a woman named Potpourri quirkily suggest that Emily choose Arie so the rest of America can enjoy One F Jef. 2. Real Men Wear Pink
Jef convinces Emily that he is ready to meet Little Ricki on their last one-on-one date. They have an impromptu pool party and the moment Little Ricki let Jef borrow her pink swim goggles, I knew it was true love. When he allowed Little Ricki to push him in the pool, Ricki knew it was true love. And when Ricki asked her Mom if Jef could come back the next day, Emily knew it was true love. 3. Love Potion No. 9
Emily arrives in the flower garden where Arie has just concocted a love potion with the help of a very old Indian woman. Astounded by the realization that not only does his love potion not work, but that black SUV is waiting around for him, Arie bristles with a cold good-bye. Clay pots, a splintery stage and some wilted flowers? Perhaps the ABC intern got mono? Will Emily and Jef get married in the spring? Will Arie be the next Bachelor?

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