Polaroid Bring Z2300 Instagram Camera

These days, everyone is talking about Instagram. But those who are older may remember this name: Polaroid. Believe it or not, these names still have a lot of sense in the photography world. And its new product, Polaroid Z2300 will prove it.

Polaroid Bring Z2300 Instagram Camera

Polaroid called Z2300 as the Instant Digital Camera, as well as "the ultimate social media camera." In other words, the Z2300 that has 3" LED and 10 megapixel sensor is a camera Instagram. That is, it could be used take picture, and then the results are edited directly on the screen. Continue, because the Polaroid name, you can also directly print results in color in sizes 2 × 3 inches. Instant like Polaroid cameras ancient times isn’t it?

You do not have to bother looking for a printer. Because Z2300 is equipped with ZINK technology printer. So in less than minute users shots can be held. Z2300 uses heat to activate the crystals and color and offers a print option which can be arranged.

You may choose to use classic outskirts Polaroid logo or full bleed on photo 2 × 3 "with sticky back on the back of it. Do not worry if ZINK prints result may dirty or faded quickly when exposed to water. A smudge-proof and water-resistant will be added to the printout.

This classic black-white camera is also able to upload images to any social networking platform. Want to know the price? Clearly this is not free like Instagram application. Polaroid Z2300 digital camera sold for U.S. $ 159.99. 50 sheets of photo paper packaging retail U.S. $ 24.99 and contain 30 pieces sold U.S. $ 14.99.

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