Jessica Ghawi, Aurora Shooting Dies Victim

As reported by the New York Daily News, the victim was Jessica Ghawi, a presenter of sports sites. Jessica is one of the survivors when someone opened fire to visitors at the Eaton Center mall food court in Toronto, Canada, June 2, 2012.

The incident killed one person and injuring seven people. At that time, Jessica escape from death. However, the tragic events in Aurora on Friday (7/20/2012) early morning, Jessica was killed by a shot.

Jessica Ghawi, Aurora Shooting Dies Victim

'The Batman Tragedy” took place during the midnight show, the premiere of the 'Batman, The Dark Knight Rises' movie in the Century 16 Movie Theaters, in Denver, Colorado, USA, Friday (07/20/2012) morning local time.

Reportedly, the number of recorded deaths of 12 people (rather than 14 people, as reported previously). Ten people died in the location and two others in hospital. The youngest victim was three months old baby who now in critical condition. There is also a 6-year-old boy who suffered a gunshot wound.

Jessica is one of 12 death toll. At that time, Jessica went to movie with her friend. "20 minutes the show started," she wrote on Twitter to a friend.

Ghawi, who writes under the name Jessica Redfield, working on a sports site Busted Coverage. In her blog, she had time to write the story of how she escaped from the shooting at the Eaton Center mall in Toronto June 2, 2012. At that time she was so lucky that before the shooting occurred, she suddenly wanted out of the building.

"The feeling was so strange, I suddenly wanted to get out of the building before the shooting occurred. I do not know what happened when I was out of the building. I do not know what kind of feelings, survivors of the shooting death, " Jessica wrote.

This time, Jesscia no longer able to write in her blog. She is not lucky and become one of the victims were killed.

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