Aurora Gunfire at Batman, The Dark Knight Rises Premiere

At least 14 people were killed and dozens were injured by gunfire from the brutal man who claims to be the Joker, shots were fired into the crowds of people waiting for the premiere 'Batman, The Dark Knight Rises' movie in Aurora, Colorado, USA, Friday (20 / 7/2012) morning.

New York Daily News reported that the Aurora Police say 14 killed and at least 50 people injured were hit. A suspect was arrested outside the theater building near the parking area. A gas mask and a gun and a pistol were found near the suspect. Admitted to police he had a bomb in his house.

Gunfire at "Batman: The Dark Knigt Rises" movie premiere

An amateur video recording also posted on YouTube showing the atmosphere after the shooting. A person was seen wearing a shirt full of blood stains. He was taken by the police. There were a lot of people screaming at that location.

CNN reported that the shooter is expected 20 year old men and wearing a bulletproof vest. Witnesses have been collected in a school area for questioning and the FBI has been asked to intervene.

An eyewitness, Hayden Miller, told the KUSA-TV that he was in the building during the incident. He heard gunshots, but he thinks part of the film in another theater. However, he looked suspicious when he saw people leaving Theater

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