Journey to 2012 NBA Finals

Heat again stepped into the NBA Finals for two consecutive years. Heat move to the NBA Finals is not as difficult as what has been passed by the Thunder. In the East, the Heat has not to face Jeremy Lin, Dwight Howard, Derrick Rose, and Avery Bradley was injured. But the Heat also has problems of their own with Bosh injury.


While Thunder for the first time stepping into the NBA Finals. However, Thunder is a worthy representative versus Heat in Final. Go to the Final, Thunder has defeated 3 teams that always become champion of the West since 1999: Lakers, Mavericks and Spurs [total of 10 NBA championship 13 times the chance].

Last Thunder impressive victory is to end 20 Spurs game winning streak with four consecutive defeats. Thunder beat Spurs four times in seven days in the Playoffs; previously they only lost four times in 12 weeks.

Thunder became the 15th team in NBA history who has won a series after losing 2-0 in the first two games. Although Thunder team t contains of young players, does not mean they can not go to the Final now.

Although Heat not playing a perfect game. Their offense still too stagnant and rely on Wade / James, while Heat not have a great big man on defense. But if we follow the history of the NBA championship trend, usually age factor plays an important role in the maturity level of player. Thunder has a champion Kendrick Perkins and Derek Fisher to assist them in the department.

When seen from the experience and talent of the player factor, should Miami Heat and LeBron James could eventually become NBA champions this year. James has experience entered the NBA Finals and become regular MVP season three times, is supposed to make LBJ was one step ahead of Durant. Durant also can not be as easy as it scored again, when turned off by a big and strong LBJ.

Surely duel between superstars from both teams will make the 2012 NBA Finals no less exciting with the Euro 2012. Hopefully we can see the rivalry LeBron James - Kevin Durant, Dwyane Wade - Russell Westbrook, and Chris Bosh - James Harden continues from year to year. Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett doors slowly closing.

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