Google doodle celebrating 100th birth anniversary Alan Turing

If you look at Google, there is a picture of such a Turing machine, first computer model used for mathematical calculations, on the front page of Google search site.

Google doodle celebrating 100th birth anniversary Alan Turing

Of the search on Saturday (06.23.12), the Google Doodle celebrating 100th birthday obituary of Mr. Computer Science, Alan Turing. And if the user clicks on the image, it will go into Google search page that displays data related to Alan Turing.

From a search on Wikipedia, it says that Turing was a scientist in the field of mathematics and computers, also a British war hero.

Turing was born June 23, 1912 and died on June 7, 1954; he was also a researcher's first modern digital computer.

In addition, Turing was the first scientist who thinks of using the computer for various purposes. He said that the computer can run many programs.

Turing also gives an idea of the Turing machine, a machine that can run a set of commands. Also sparking a Turing test. In addition, his name immortalized in the name of the Turing Award.

After World War II finished, Alan Turing turns his mind to the development of machines that will process the information logically.

Turing then worked for the National Physical Laboratory (1945-1948). Unfortunately, the plan was rejected by his colleagues and laboratory proposed for the project to be the first to designing digital computers lose.

In 1949, Turing to Manchester University to lead the computing laboratory and developed a machine that helps to formed the basis in artificial intelligence.

In 1951 Turing was selected as a member of the Royal Society.

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