How to Control Google Smart Glasses Revealed

When Google announced smart glasses project called Google Project Glass in April 2012, many are wondering how to operate it. Until now, Google has not officially informed.

However, little guidance comes from the video interviews on the Current TV show, former San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom with the Google founders, Sergey Brin, who brought a smart glasses prototype.

On that occasion, he showed one of the glasses ability to take Newsom photos. Then Brin put his finger to the right glasses, do shift, which most likely he was opening the photos in the gallery. Track pad button can be navigable by sliding from side to side and up and down.

Brin then invited Newsom to try smart glasses. "Do not touch pad (buttons) on the side," Brin asked to the Newsom.

Newsom became the first person outside Google who feel the sensation of smart glasses. "The picture was very clear. Easily forget that you're wearing glasses, and will feel the power in the future," said Newsom told technology website Wired.

One clue about how to navigate the Google glasses is revealed, but the secret on how to take photos or other navigation with eye movements has not yet been revealed. Newsom was asked about it, but unfortunately, Brin did not respond.

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