5 Pregnancy Signs for Baby Boy

To guess newborn baby sex in the womb is a thrilling thing for expectant mothers. Launched by Boldsky, Thursday (5/4), here are some of the mother's body conditions could be a clue to the baby sex without having to bother doing an ultrasound (USG) examination.

5 Pregnancy Signs for Baby Boy

Nausea and morning sickness
Many people say if you have a baby girl, it nausea is rarely felt. However, if you have a baby boy, then you can throw up buckets. Morning sickness is more often felt in the first 4 month and most pregnant women ignored to their looks.
The stomach leaning towards to the bottom
Your baby bulge it starts to look when you conceive a baby boy. Abdominal shape is noticeably different in women with a baby girl, the enlarged abdomen. Some people also say that women who conceive a baby boy, when viewed from the back even looks like not 've pregnant.

Body weight not increase
Gaining weight is common during pregnancy. When you got pregnant with baby boy, then your weight will not increase too much. Proportion of this increase comes from the fetus.

Glazed face
Although you are easily able to reshape the body after birth, but during pregnancy you will not look 'wow'. This was in contrast to the appearance of pregnant girls who always seem to look pretty and bright, baby boys expectant mothers are more likely to appear pale and always look completely ignored and too lazy to get dressed.

Cravings acids
Wanting eat something is normal during pregnancy. It is a natural way for the body to 'collect' intake of certain nutrients that the body feels it needs intake. Baby boy fetus requires more nutrients from acids food.

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