Joseph Kony, Invisible Children and Kony2012

Lately, Joseph Kony name sticking out in cyberspace and become conversation for a netter. Who is Joseph Kony who has been a trending topic on the Internet? Joseph Kony is war criminal leader from Uganda who is kidnapped children in Uganda to become LRA soldiers. Joseph Kony suddenly becomes famous man on the internet after a campaign held by United States (U.S.) activists, Invisible Children, asked Joseph Kony immediately arrested.

Joseph Kony

The campaign is spread by some activists in the United States through the half-hour short film by activist group Invisible Children, about children who are exploited as Kony soldiers. Invisible Children wants Kony prosecuted at the International Criminal Court (ICC). LRA troops led by Joseph Kony are accused of violence in four African countries, Uganda, Congo, Central Africa and Southern Sudan.

Who are Invisible Children?

According to the CBN version, Russell and two other film students, Bobby Bailey and Laren Poole, buying a camera on eBay and go to Africa in 2003, and to Uganda where they discovered "a sad child and fear in the north '.

The trip was producing a documentary film released in 2005 titled Invisible Children. They then founded an organization with the same name.

Invisible Children has called on his supporters to use social media for the masses of the world and show support for the 'Kony2012' on 20 April. "That was the day when we will meet under the sun and fulfill every street and every city until sunset." said Invinsible Children video director, Jason Russell.

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