Google Play Replace Android Market

Google has taken a major step in bringing all their content, ranging from the Android Market to Google Music into Google Play. Starting today, Google will begin rebranding Android Market, Google Music and Google Books.

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Until now, everyone connected with the content in the Android Market. So with this new step, it looks like the company was interested in making the user understand the content as a whole..

Reported by The Verge, Wednesday (03/07/2012), a spokesman for Google said that Google's Play is the evolution of the Android Market. Google Play or be referred to Google Play Store, will be the single destination for all company content, thereby Android books, music and video applications will become Google's Play Books, Google Play Music and Google Play Movies.

Google Play is intended to unify the content offered by the internet giant, not only for mobile devices but also the browser.

Meanwhile, Android device running version 2.2 or later will have their Android Market application automatically, which will be updated in the coming days. Then the name of the Android Market will retire, though it looks like users will not miss too considering similarities to Google's Play.

Google seems to be a concentration on the Google Play service that cloud-based and create connected content. In a statement on its blog that wants to help the user, to understand that Google Play is similar to Apple iCloud or iTunes Match.

But the service is only available in the United States, while still limited in other countries. So regardless of the existence of limited, Google Play now would be the official purpose of Android applications..

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