Apple Launch "New iPad"

After long time to wait, Apple finally introduced the latest generation of iPad, which has some benefits over features. But not called iPad 3, as many people predictable lately.

new iPad

New iPad, which was introduced by Tim Cook - Apple's new CEO at Apple Conference, San Francisco, California, United States, do not have names such as iPad 2.

As quoted by The Telegraph, Thursday (08/03/2012), Apple is surprisingly even just calling 'new iPad' for this new product. Inevitably, this led to confusion and crowded discussion.

This new iPad itself has some advantages: a faster processor with A5X that utilizes quad core graphics, sharper picture quality of HDTV with the retina display 2048 x 1536 pixels - equivalent to 3.1 million pixels, and a 5MP camera with auto-exposure and auto-focus.

The new iPad also offers LTE connectivity features for 4G mobile networks at a price of GBP 100 more expensive than the basic price of GBP 399 for the 16GB, 479 GBP for the 32GB and GBP 559 for the 64GB.

Other features offered in this new iPad, including IOS 5.1 operating system, voice dictation, Siri (especially for Japan and Australia). Apple on the occasion also announced the latest update of Apple TV.

Apple itself will market the new iPad on March 16, 2012. Until now, iPad, which has been sold since its launch total, has reached 55 million units.

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