9 beauty rituals that are not understood by men

Have you ever reprimanded or ignored by your couple because of the beauty ritual action that makes him wince? One of them might be grooming time that usually made him to sleep on the sofa. You know, there are 9 beauty rituals that were 'not understood' by the men. Check this out.

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  1.  Wearing 10 cm high heels or more. One way for you to look higher are wearing high heels. However, if your heels over 10 cm, no wonder if he would protest. Imagining you are walking on the 'thing' more than 10 cm tall that it made him terrified. For men who never wear heels, especially stilettos, you look like wearing enggrang. He even automatically alert to quickly catch the moment you step. And, it turns out it did not make him comfortable you know.
  2. Eyeliner liquid. In fact for you, eyeliner is very helpful is it? But it difference for men. See you daub eyeliner makes them wonder, why do have to wear eyeliner? After all, by not wearing eyeliner, your eye still looks fine.
  3. Fake Eyelashes. Some men may understand the reason you wear fake eyelashes, but others do not. In their minds, if you already have eyelashes, why must wear any additional fake eyelashes?
  4. Change clothes more than twice a day. Attending some important event, you carry a special bag containing makeup and fashion. And you surprising him by the rush to change clothes after changing event.
  5. Improve makeup this morning. Of course it is important to renew your makeup again. There are still lots of people you'll meet today. Still, it made him wonder, Ladies.
  6. 6. Bring the clutch. Small bag, clutch, ah ... whatever it's called, even a cell phone just not fit in it. So why take the bag. You make him confused.
  7. Have a complete makeup bag with its contents. Saw a small bag in your bag filled with makeup that made him wonder sometimes. Quite often comments like "you want to sell, Beb?" It came from his lips. Well, he had never understand what the purpose of our beauty rituals.
  8. Wearing a variety of hair care products. Complicated! Maybe that's what he had in mind when we use a variety of hair care products. Not enough shampoo, we use the conditioner, toning, anti-firzz, straightening gel, mousse and curling, etc., which can not be understood by them. However, it is enough reason for us, because in women, hair is a crown that needs to be given special treatment.
  9. Wearing a variety of skin care products. For the last few years we often see men who visited the beauty clinic and using a variety of skin care products. But it, basically men are reluctant complicated. And see us use cleanser, toner, cream morning and night cream made him shake his head. Ladies, do not be discouraged trigger first. Wonder they sometimes are quite reasonable, because they never did, that's all. If you explain the purpose of your beauty ritual, slowly they will understand.

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