Using iPad Name, Apple Sued USD 1.6 Billion

Apple is involved in legal issues related to tablet computers name iPad in China. A company called Proview Technology sue Apple pay compensation USD 1.6 billion for using name iPad, because they think “iPad” is their property.


In a decision in a local court, Apple actually has lost last December in which the lawsuit Proview granted. However, Apple appealed to higher courts.

But Proview believes the court rejected Apple appeal. In fact they have now filed lawsuits over weight, billions of dollars in compensation and an apology. Also asked to stop selling Apple iPad in China.

Proview registered iPad copyright name in 2001. Actually, Apple has bought the copyright from the Proview Electronics Taiwan.

However, Proview claim that copyright purchase by Apple is not applicable in mainland China. For the iPad name in China is owned by Proview Technology Shenzen.

Proview lawyers believe Apple will lose this case because they are already preparing a lawsuit for a long time carefully. While authorities have not provided statement.

"We have prepared well for this lawsuit long legal battle," said Mr Xie, Proview lawyer who quoted from DailyMail, Thursday (09/02/2012)

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