HTC Chase License To Run PlayStation Game

HTC seems to strengthen its image as a mobile entertainment. After presenting a series of Beats Audio phone, the Taiwanese manufacturer is reportedly aiming for PlayStation certification from Sony.

HTC Chase License To Run PlayStation Game

If turned slightly to the end of 2011, Sony said that PlayStation Suite, which is usually present in their products, would also be present in other brands. Well, HTC recently was heavily touted approached Sony to get the certification.

If so, then this certification makes a number of HTC phones get 'approval' from Sony to play all PlayStation game. Similar with games in Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, Arc, and Acro.

Quoted from pocketlink, Wednesday (02/15/2012), not known for certain when there will be mobile phone with PlayStation certification on the market, but is expected HTC to exhibited at the Mobile World Congress in Spain.

PlayStation Suite is a multiplatform system that already exists in the PlayStation Vita and some Android phones made by Sony. If true HTC will join, it could certainly expand the scope of the giant game vendor

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