Compete with iPad, Kindle Fire Make Larger Size

Kindle Fire from Amazon scored brilliant success sales in some areas. Well, predictable, Amazon will release a tablet that looks bigger in 2012.

amazon kindle fire

According to analyst Chad Bartley from Pacific Crest, Kindle Fire will be made by 9-inch size. The new Kindle will reportedly come out in the middle of this year, and believed to increase its sales compared to last year.

Bartley analysis comes from the checks it does on the Amazon component suppliers, as quoted by Cnet, Saturday (02/11/2012).

Amazon reportedly still silent in the projection. However, if it materialized, this tablet computer is ready to compete with iPad. Moreover, Amazon set the price for this product cheaper than the iPad.

According to another analyst Roger Kay, a company led by Jeff Bezos has the right strategy when entering the market with 7-inch model.

"Kindle Fire is a great way from Amazon to prove that there is another market different from iPad with a cheaper price. And now they can move to another model. I think Amazon has a good business strategy," added Kay.

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