40% Women Fell While Wearing High heels

High heels, one silver bullet that makes women more confident and sexy. But behind its benefits, high heels can harm your ankle. Many models fall while wearing high heels and was caught on camera in various fashion events. In fact, Lady Gaga also had experience with it.

image: dailynewsbrief

Some people think this is funny, especially if the fall is a model who was walking on the runway. Unfortunately this is no longer funny, falling while wearing high heels can be a serious problem. Quoted from the Telegraph, a study conducted in 1000 MBT shoe company to find out the relationship of women wearing high heels and the possible injuries they experience.

The result, 40 percent of women in the study had fallen while wearing high heels, a big number. Imagine if this falls occur in hazardous areas, eg stairs. Wearing 7 cm high heels may increase the pressure on the soles of the feet, while the pressure on the heels increased of seven times. It's more dangerous to the ankle in a fall, sprain is the smallest risk.

According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, wearing high heels can also increase the risk of arthritis, the calf muscles have shortened and swollen at the base of the big toe. In addition, women prefer to buy high heels with a smaller size, so it can clamp your feet and change its shape.

The researchers suggest that women do not wear high heels as everyday footwear, use shorter high heels and limit its use, a maximum of five hours per day. If you go for a walk, better wear a flat shoe to reduce the risk of falls and accidents due to wearing high heels

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