Stimulate Children Appetite with Color Plates

Did you know the color of the plates affect your appetite?

Are you having problems with providing food to your child? They often refuse food you serve? Do not be disappointed mother, indeed required more patience to deal with kids that are always tempted to appetite.One alternative way is to present the food in the form of his favorite cartoon character or by presenting food on the plate colorful.

The ability of color plates to increase the child's appetite has been proven through research that was published in the journal Acta Paediatrica. Researchers considered that colorful foods that have a special attraction for children than adults. Even in particular, food from the plate with seven and six different items with different colors of food will feed the appetite of children, while adults tend to prefer fewer colors (colors only three items).

According to research by experts, the differences between adults and children seen in the colors and decorative elements in foods. Children tend to prefer foods with a variety of color variations and also decorative plates or a unique form of food.

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