Nikon Prepare Successor of D700 and D300S

Two series of Nikon DSLR, D700 and D300S stop manufactured. This indicates, Nikon already preparing a replacement model.

Nikon D700

Rumor says Nikon will release D800 although this has not to be confirmed yet. When you see that D300S is no longer manufactured, then most likely its successor series, D400 will immediately sticking out.

The rumor about the presence of D800 has long heard, and it is scheduled to present at the end of last year. Instead of seeing these gadget, consumers actually first introduced to D4.

For those who are impatient with the presence of D800, following a number of leaks on the specifications. It will use 36-megapixel sensor and is designed similar to the 'big brother', the D700 but with a larger LCD.

It seems also to be carrying 4fps shooting modes and full HD 1080p video recording, as quoted from TechRadar, Friday (01/27/2012).

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