Application Developers Begin To Favorite Android OS

Apple's iOS operating system at this time considered the most attractive for developers. But soon, Android OS is predicted to be a favorite for developers to develop applications.

At least, that's the prediction from research firm Ovum. Within 12 months, Ovum estimates that Android will overtake iOS as important mobile operating system for the developer.

iOS known generate more money for application developers. Consequently, applications are usually developed for iOS first, and then to another OS.

However, as the world's most popular OS, Android, according to Ovum increasingly attractive in the eyes of developers. Google reveals data, applications in the Android Market has already been downloaded as much as 11 billion times.

Quoted from PCMag, Wednesday (25/01/2012), another platform which is expected to attract developers is Windows Phone. Because, Microsoft and Nokia are aggressively working on the ecosystem.

"Momentum is growing in Windows Phone indicate that Microsoft has convinced developers that the platform is a valuable investment, the challenge now is to attract consumers," said Adam Leach from Ovum.

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