Mothers Love Influence Your Romance

Research over the past thirty years found that the ability to trust, love and resolve conflicts with the loved ones grow since baby.

mothers love

"Interpersonal experience with the mother when baby at 12-18 months of age to determine your romantic relationship 20 years later," says psychologist from the University of Minnesota Jeffry A. Simpson.

He and two other co-researchers came to this conclusion after studying the relationship of mother and baby and its relation to the development of the child's relationship several years later. This work is part of the Minnesota Longitudinal Study of Risk and Adaptation to study the development of 75 children from poor families from birth to 30 years age.

In this study, families are stressed by the economic conditions thus causing a stressful situation between mother and child. Infants who are treated wrong then turns into a fight and often defensive. While the baby that gets attention and support will think positive about intentions of others. "Before you can remember and speak, the mind has been recording these implicit attitudes," added Simpson.

Economic limitations are the proper test for the closeness of mother and child. Therefore, this study started testing since baby. Routinely, children tested the ability of emotional and social development. The main thing learned is the ability to handle conflicts with school friends, close friends as a teenager, until the boyfriend.

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