Lion Air Choose Boeing Because of Barack Obama Intervention

Lion Air had 'bidding' Airbus aircraft, but later canceled. According to Airbus, cancellations due to intervention from U.S. President Barack Obama who forced Lion Air bought 230 Boeing . Said Airbus Marketing Director John Leahy as quote from Reuters on Friday (12/02/2011).

"The CEO and owner of the airline (Lion Air), had came to us in Touluse (France) twice to talk about the plan to purchase aircraft, but in the end they said it had no choice," said Leahy.

Leahy assumes the statement does not have a choice from the Lion Air arise due to political interference from other parties.

"I think White House are very proud of it (the purchase of aircraft), this will not happen without the intervention of the White House. This does not reflect the freedom of competition and free trade," said Leahy.
There are currently no comments from White House related to the statement from the French aircraft manufacturer. Boeing also remains silent.

 Leahy has accused U.S. President Barack Obama has forced airlines from Indonesia Lion Air to buy Boeing 230 valued at U.S. $ 21.7 billion.

Purchase of 230 Boeing aircraft by Lion Air is considered able to help solve the unemployment problem in the United States. Order from Lion Air at least able to help create about 110,000 jobs in the U.S. in the long term.

Responding to allegation from Airbus, Director of Operations Lion Air Edward Sirait said it is not pressed in the purchase of 230 Boeing aircraft.

"I do not want to respond to the news, our process is normal with Boeing's. We do the normal business processes with no other interests," explains Edward.

Edward said, Lion relationship with Boeing is a pure business relationship. So he will not respond to rumors that claimed there was coercion in the purchase of 230 aircraft which is the largest purchase in Boeing history.

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