Capture Image with Smartphone More Popular Now

More simple and presence along with the latest features that are supported with direct access to social networks makes smartphones and camera contained in it increasingly in demand.

A survey conducted by NPD that was launched by show results that taking a photo using smartphones camera has increased from 17% to 27% this year, while total use of digital cameras for image capture rate has dropped from 52% to 44%.

Indirectly this indicates smartphone users prefer to use the camera on their smartphones to capture or take a picture, instead of using a digital camera anymore.

Access to social networks that were increasingly easy, cheap and fast so that users can share photos directly to Facebook and Twitter, become one of the reasons. See also popular Instagram photo applications that can present a variety of effects, without need to use a DSLR camera or even use a digital camera that sometimes makes us have to edit them in a wide range of photographic software.

However, the results of this study could have made the digital camera vendors also innovate. Who knows next few years, a digital camera or even a DSLR can present special access to integrated into social networks, or even have special effects like, Instagram, Molome, or the Camera 360

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