Noel Gallagher: They Did Not Hijack My Phone Line

Strange but true. That is what happens to musician Noel Gallagher. Reporting from splashnews, Noel complains because his phone line does not in the list of celebrities who targeted by News of the World hackers!

Noel Gallagher

"I was really disappointed when I find out that the telephone tapping scandal blow out in the UK was not after me," he told U.S. magazine.

But the statement that he release apparently just a joke to address this issue. Of course, who would be willing with the party that only concerned in personal interests tapped the phone. However, he also continued his joke.

 "I’m even not important enough to be tapped. Means that everything has ended," he continued in more dramatic acting.

However, former Oasis personnel also revealed that he had never had a problem with any party including when Oasis still prevails.

"But I never understood why there was some who complain about their fame. Even in the 1990s, when I still prevail, and many photographers are always around my house, I never caught the problem’s Easy, just need to take 5 minutes to walk, wave and back inside, "he said

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