2NE1 - Go Away in Japanese Version

Korean Girlband, 2NE1 finally released their latest video clip "Go Away" in the Japanese version. Unlike Korean version, Japanese version made with full color and shows the cute side of 2NE1.

2NE1 Japanese Version Go Away

Made with a setting in one club, their unique fashions 2NE1 attract attention. Fashion worn by 2NE1 is not unusual.

"Their senses of fashion are amazing compared to other groups >...<," comment Miho Nakamura. Wow, I like the Japanese version of Go Away ... For the first time I saw it on TV ... I love it!” comments J-a-d-e.

One scene attract attention is Park Bom bathtub scene who are brave enough without leave cute impression. Sang maknae or the youngest member, Minzy also look different with her new purple hair

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