Justin Bieber Willing to Undergo DNA Test

Justin Bieber finally proves 'their masculinity' with responsibility for the charge-impregnated fans was thrown Mariah Yeater. However, not necessarily admit it; it's just that Bieber was willing to undergo DNA tests.

Justin Bieber-Mariah Yeater Scandal

Justin Bieber was surprised by the allegations stating that he was the father of the baby Mariah who was born four months ago. To prove these allegations wrong, Bieber was willing to do the test.

"Everything's been taken care of by my team. If they want me to undergo a DNA test, then I would be willing," said Bieber.

Bieber also had said that he would never waste time to meet Yeater directly. The reason, Bieber sure Yeater made up a story to get attention.

When asked what he would do if he could meet Yeater, Bieber said, "Nothing. I would not waste my time. I think she is doing this to seek attention, but I'm not interested. These people not deserve to get my attention or time."

Do not fear his name tarnished if such DNA test proves Bieber is the father of the baby? "Not at all. When people lie is revealed, they are the ones who will look bad, not the artist. My fans are always good. I could never thank them enough. I really believe I have the best fans in the whole the world. There’s nothing more I want, "he concluded

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