Brad Pitt Retire from World of Acting

In the midst of sparkling career, this TROY movie star suddenly made a shocking statement. Reporting from splashnews, Brad Pitt has revealed that he will retire from acting soon.

Brad Pitt Retire from World of Acting

As expressed in the event the Aussie lover Angelina Jolie also revealed that the plan was not necessarily doing now. He would wait three more years to retire from the world of acting, just as his age 50 years old.

But when asked what he would do when it has retired later, Jennifer Aniston's ex-husband is even asking that he did not know what to do. Surely, he would seek an intrinsic happiness out there.

"Which I know what I'll do. I really enjoyed the time produced the film, ranging from making the story up to lift it onto the screen," he said.

In addition, he also revealed that he wants to find happiness with a more realistic way. According to him, happiness itself is relative. Too naive if someone wants to always be happy, because in life we are destined to feel happy and sad.

"I think the word happy its overkill. Sometimes we are happy, but there are times when we feel sad. There are many pressures that we face to feel happy. It seems more accurate to say that I'm looking for peace," he added wisely.

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