Apple's humiliated Small Tablet Companies

Apple launched a variety of legal action for protect their gadget. Outside estimates, this giant company lost on legal battle against Spanish small tablet company.

Apple sued the company named NT-K (Nuevas Tecnologias Energias y Catalan) because it mimics iPad design. Apple filed a petition in November 2010 and was granted by local court.

As a result, NT-K tablet was banned. Quoted from DigitalTrends, Saturday (11/5/2011), tablet shipments are made in China are prohibited. NT-K tablets even blacklisted for being pirated products.

 NT-K filed an appeal which was ultimately accepted. NT-K is not proven to violate the law. NT-K filed back because their income fell after their tablet was banned. They want compensation from Apple.

"We think Apple is trying to block as much as possible tablets for get into the market. We are a small company and it seems unfair for Apple to use a company's dominant influence," complained David Pedro Pelaez, founders of NT-K.

Apple itself is also a fierce fight with a number of tablet and smartphone manufacturers. Especially with Samsung where lawsuits between them took place in several countries.

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