Victoria Beckham Design Reach £15 Million Profit

Victoria Beckham seems to be proud with her career now. Victoria will able to support the family economic with her success career as a fantastic designer without her husband, David Beckham.

Victoria Beckham Design Reach £15 Million Profit

Former Spice Girls member who changed her profession as a designer is able to reap profit of £ 15 million just from the sale of her collection during the first three months of 2011. Recorded sales figures increased 71 percent from last season, which would make her very happy.

"Victoria never dreams that her design will succeed. She almost beat her husband wealth, David's," said a source close to the designer. "Her fashion businesses now surpassed expectations with a 71 percent increase from the previous season, which is equal to the sales figures of £ 15 million," continued the source.

Despite super big profits, this time Victoria plans to launch a second label, Victoria by Victoria Beckham, which offers many collection of her design with more affordable prize and more ‘girlie’.

"This collection shows girlie taste in me. I started designing before pregnancy and at first; the doctor told me I would have a baby boy. So basically I just want to design what I want, that does not exist on the market, and at the same time also showed that I also have a sense of humor, "said Victoria, who had just given birth Harper Seven Beckham

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