Steve Jobs and Pancreatic Cancer

Steve Jobs is a pancreatic cancer patient, such as Patrick Swayze, who died because of pancreatic cancer in September 2009. Here is a little about pancreatic cancer that quoted from Sol Goldman, John Hopkins Medical Center and WebMD. This article is part of the book Fat Loss Weight Loss Diabetes that will be release soon. Diabetes is associated with the pancreas.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs

Another thing that attracted me to share is because accidentally I learn marketing, so it is quite familiar with Steve Jobs figure, though not an Apple user. Steve Jobs health is interesting to observe, because Apple's stock price influenced by Steve's health rumors.

For example, when Steve looked unhealthy at a MacWorld show in 2009, Steve said, “he was in a hormonal imbalance". Then when he announced it would undergo treatment, Apple's stock price fell. Every time a rumor circulated, whether genuine or fake about Steve's health, then the share price will fall.

Steve Jobs is pancreatic cancer patient. And the following is a general description of pancreatic cancer.
The pancreas is a gland that tube shaped, about 15 cm long located at the back of the abdomen. The main task for the human body is to produce an enzyme that helps the intestines break down food, and produce the insulin hormone, which helps blood sugar regulation.

Pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading deaths cause of cancer both men and woman and is one of the most deadly cancers, also known in medical circles as the "silent killer" 38,000 Americans are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and 34,000 of them will die of it.

This cancer can be treated if discovered in the early stages of cancer, but the problem is difficult to diagnose in early stage. In the early stages of cancer do not feel any symptoms. However, along with the magnitude of the growth of cancer, then it will feel pain in your upper abdomen that spreads to the back left.

The pain can be felt when eating or lying down. Another symptom that appears is jaundice alias yellow. Ability to survive for 5 years is 25 percent if the cancer surgery and put it when there is still small and has not spread.

Who is at greatest risk for pancreatic cancer? The following are the factors that influence the incidence of pancreatic cancer:
1. Heredity. If there are two or more relatives who suffer from pancreatic cancer.
2. Ashkenazi Jewish descent
3. BRCA mutations
4. Age above 50 years
5. Heavy smokers.
6. diabetes
7. Others, such as chronic liver disease, obesity, lack of exercise.

image courtesy AFP PHOTO / Kimihiro HOSHINO

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