Tips to Get Your Dream Job

If you want to get a dream job, not only the highest performance index is required. There is one thing more important than that: your attitude.

Based on a survey of CareerBuilder site, 71 percent of HR managers stated putting emotional intelligence and attitudes - including on how they controls the emotions and making friends - rather than on IQ. People with high EQ considered more able to control themselves and be able to work under pressure than those who only rely on high IQ.

 Technical competence and intelligence are important for each worker, but more importantly the interpersonal skills, "said Rosemary Haefner, vice president of human resources at CareerBuilder." In difficult economic conditions, the boss wants to work with people who can make decisions effectively in stressful situations, "he said.

If you want to have a high emotional intelligence, do a few tips from CareerBuilder below.

Full control of your emotions
Usually, the boss will include group discussion material when recruitment of workers. From here, they measure the emotions of prospective workers. To help minimize the negative reaction, "It is important that you recognize the triggers of stress when the pressure comes," said Patricia Thompson, PhD, management consultant at Sperduto & Associates Inc., a firm's top psychologist in Atlanta. Posture must also be maintained. Thompson advised to get out of it with conditions: long inhale, then count to 10, and be quiet.

Perform self-reflection
In order to get better Emotional intelligence, you should be self-aware, to understand exactly what your shortcomings and weaknesses, "said Thompson. He suggested to make five of your major advantages and disadvantages, then use two opposites that complement each other. Select two or three weaknesses, and find ways to overcome them.

Based on CareerBuilder survey, emotional acuity is also measured by how he was able to listening. Thompson gave a way out to improve the ability to listening. "Use two level ways: first listen to understand the content of speech, do not interrupt or give an assessment of what is wasting a word until he had finished speaking. Second, listen to understand the conditions of his emotions as he spoke," he said. The ability to listening very important, he said, to build better relationships in a team and reduce conflict

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